BOGARA is ... an advertising agency, which offers a complete, creative and honest service.

The individual approach and the precise balance between Your request and the economic situation in the country in the respective field allows us to make every campaign unique. That is why we will always provide you with different and unusual solutions guaranteeing the achieving of your aims and the use to the best advantage of both your time and money.

BOGARA is ... a team of professionals with rich experience in the field of marketing, public relations, branding, design, photography and advertising as well as psychologists and NLP specialists. Not long ago our team was also joined by young WEB designers and Internet marketing specialists.

The availability of our own printing base allows us to have an adequate reaction to your requests of printed matter in terms of time, quality, price and time limit.

We treat our work with great love and endeavour in order to achieve and surpass our clients’ expectations.

To every type of advertising material we approach with preliminary analysis of the concrete goals and the profile of the auditory it is intended for. Then it comes to our creative work, good photography and the conversion of the idea in shape and colour via the respective medium – printed matter, digital medium or the Internet.

We try to create advertisements which always contain a well considered appeal to the customer.

We can offer you advertising campaigns with optimal efficiency and yet conformable to your budget.

BOGARA is ... Your reliable partner!