The e-mail marketing is the most efficient direct marketing in the last few years. Its use allows to reach your auditory, your target group or your partners in short time and with minimal funds. E-mail campaigns allow quick reaction and do not require serious resources for processing the results. Moreover, the modern means for e-mail marketing allows your message to be personalized and sent to the user in exact time and date.
The e-mail marketing is based on the technology of the electronic mail. You can send to your clients personal letters and periodical informative bulletins, invitation for events, inquiries and congratulatory cards.
The e-mail campaign is the strongest and most efficient way to create loyal clients.The well developed e-mail campaign will bring you closer to your clients, firm their trust in you and as a result – increase your sales. You can communicate with them every day, week or month – all depends on the character of your activity and on the specification of the products or services you offer.