Nowadays, the Internet is an accessible medium and part of the daily live of more and more people for business, information and last but not least for communication and entertainment.
The Internet has the statute of a medium, which registers increase in the budget of the advertising campaigns of more and more companies. It is not a secret that “the Net” has acquired resources equivalent to those of the television, the radio and the press. It combines the means of expression of all the others and presents much more – instant feedback, chance to communicate with your clients and to see their reaction and valuation immediately. As the number of users is increasing with incredible pace, the internet advertising is becoming one of the main opportunities for the popularizing of companies, people, information or events.
We can offer you not only the design of an attractive site with possibility of including all visual means of communication but also its advertising and popularizing in the global net. We will offer you optimization of the site, its registration in appropriate for your activity other sites and the creation of links to your site. For registration of web site in the most popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, AltaVista , AOL, AllTheWeb, Excite, Lycos, InfoSpace, NBCi, C|Net, Web Crawler and many others the registration ought to be made manually.
We can offer you creation of Google AdWords advertisements which to connect you with new clients in the exact moment of their search for your product or service. For the purpose we will create for you an unique pattern working by generating key words which will be combined with the text of the advertisement and help it to reach the target auditory. And all that will be done with maximum efficiency – optimized budget and good rate of return.
We can offer you also the organization of advertising and PR campaigns as well as complete internet solutions allowing the attainment of excellent results for short period of time. This type of advertising, for example, is the development of a banner advertisement of your company or product and its publishing in specialized internet portals which are visited from people of your target group. We will prepare for you a program for exchange of links with the sites of your partners and after an analysis we will present you a list with the most appropriate sites to exchange links with. This is a complicated time – consuming process but also an important tool for increasing the rating of your site in the search engines. By means of instruments for monitoring of the visits of your site we present you with an opportunity to register the efficiency of the internet marketing and the actual rate of return of your investments.