Our unique calendar includes authentic costumes from different parts of Bulgaria. It gives you the chance to experience the magic of the Bulgarian spirit and feel the pride of the beautiful Bulgarian woman wearing the wonderful composition of colours and shapes.

For Bulgarians, the traditional costume is not only a garment, not only an item and a symbol, but it is sacred like hearth, land, bread and faith.

The most Bulgarian calendar "Girl, beautiful girl” is filled with positivity and smiles. Let us keep our Bulgarian roots alive in our hearts and pass our traditions and folklore on to our children!

This calendar was made possible thanks to the help of the guardians of priceless relics from the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv: Assoc. Prof. Angel Yankov, ethnologist, Grozdelina Georgieva - Savatinova - curator and Maria Krustanova - curator. Thank you friends!

We want to thank the girls who bring beauty to this calendar with their youth, smiles and hearts, beating for Bulgaria.

Huge thanks to all participants in the project for the dedication and willingness to work under difficult conditions.

We bow to your beauty and thank you for not forgetting your Bulgarian roots.

The calendar is a deluxe edition: full color. Size 32 x 52 cm, 14 pages, printed on 200 gr glanc paper covered with lacquer to preserve the freshness of the colors. On the front cover there is 0.5 mm - 300 мкр crystal astrolon that gives the product one finished and luxurious looking.

To be fully completed, each calendar is placed in individual transparent cellophane package that allows the front and back covers to be seen. On the back all of the calendar’s pages are printed in a smaller version, and each photo is accompanied by text information. Thus, the calendar can be seen  without being unpacked and without the need of going through its individual pages.

In the bottom of the calendar there is a 4.5 cm white strip (a continuation from the back cover) that can be used for personal branding and placement of an advertising message or a corporate identity.

BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 13BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 12BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 11BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 10BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 09BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 08BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 07BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 06BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 05BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 04BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 03BulgarianNationalDress Calendar2017 Page 02

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