The first Bulgarian haidut calendar is now a fact!

The calendar "Haiduti" for 2017 is not intended to evoke nostalgia for the past times of courage, honor and strong familial belonging, but to awaken the vigorous Bulgarian spirit and fan the fire smoldering in the heart of every true Bulgarian.

This was the feeling inspired in us by our friends from association "Haiduti” with whom we created the calendar dedicated to the haiduts* of Bulgaria. For the time of the shooting, they showed us that they not only believe in their beliefs but their cause has become a way of life and a mission to future generations. They search for, find and restore old weapons and clothing, recover information and documents to show the truth to those who want to learn it. They organize open classes in schools aiming to acquaint young people with the forgotten and unwritten history and arouse interest in the Bulgarian roots of every child. The program of the association includes the discovery and recovery of monuments of Bulgarian men remained in history and folk epic.

We would like to thank our friends from the association who participated in the shooting. Thank you, friends, for involving us in your idea, thank you for not forgetting that you are Bulgarians and remembering your Bulgarian roots!

The calendar is a deluxe edition: full color. Size 32 x 52 cm, 14 pages, printed on 200 gr glanc paper covered with lacquer to preserve the freshness of the colors. On the front cover there is 0.5 mm - 300 мкр crystal astrolon that gives the product one finished and luxurious looking.

To be fully completed, each calendar is placed in individual transparent cellophane package that allows the front and back covers to be seen. On the back all of the calendar’s pages are printed in a smaller version, and each photo is accompanied by text information. Thus, the calendar can be seen  without being unpacked and without the need of going through its individual pages.

In the bottom of the calendar there is a 4.5 cm white strip (a continuation from the back cover) that can be used for personal branding and placement of an advertising message or a corporate identity.

 Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 13Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 12Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 11Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 10Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 09Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 08Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 07Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 06Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 05Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 04Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 03Haiduti Calednar2017 Page 02

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